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PASTOR’S NAME : Emmanuel Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa received a great calling from God for GLOBAL Ministry and this has been the thrust and fuel which has put all things in place for U.F.I to go beyond the borders of Zimbabwe and Africa to reach the uttermost parts of the world. The Man of God has received and continues to receive great revelations from God combined with the unusual ability to rightly divide and teach the word of God with such accuracy and precision worthy of an International Minister for the kingdom of God who is and will be noted among the Great Man of God in the world in this era. This revelation continues to reveal and bring a better understanding of the word of God and reveal new truths to anyone who hears the messages.

The Man of God has been appointed by God as a Prophet to the nation of Zimbabwe and beyond her borders. Prophet Makandiwa has given numerous, true and accurate prophecies into the lives of many individuals proving that he is indeed a true Prophet sent by God to the nations.

Prophet E Makandiwa and Pastor R Makandiwa have a great passion to support Widows, Orphans and the underprivileged. This has been a great thrust and has fuelled all other charity initiatives done by the ministry and will be the driving force behind developing orphanages, schools and hospitals to support society and the less privileged.

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Head Office : 89 Central Avenue Harare, Zimbabwe
Office: +263 4 252473 Partners: +263 4 252472 Finance Dept: +263 4 252471 Prayer Lines: +263774195572 | +263773020285

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