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PASTOR’S NAME : Jackson Senyonga

Jackson has witnessed the power of God’s transformation in his nation. He has been a catalyst for bringing leaders across denominations together in cities across America as well as many other nations. His insights of the principles for transformation, prayer, and unity have been a valuable resource and have been adapted and applied in different cities. He believes through grace their church has grown in Uganda and can be imparted to churches in America and the world, through some transferable principles they have learned.

This humble servant of uncommon faith and vision has found incredible favor and has counseled with high profile governmental leaders in Uganda. In America, Jackson has addressed and shared ministry opportunities with governors, senators, mayors, and spiritual leaders, such as Jack Hayford, Bill Bright, Pat Robertson, A.R. Bernard, John Kilpatrick and many others. He has been featured on many Christian and secular television talk shows and radio stations, and local newspapers. Jackson contributes all the success to the true source – God and His grace. He says, “Jesus was very serious when He said, ‘Apart from me, you cannot do anything. The honor that I have is to be a servant. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!”

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Christian Life Ministries PO Box 270279 Flower Mound, TX 75027-0279

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