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LifeStream, LLC is a Christian owned and operated company that is committed to providing ministries with the ability to reach the world using the latest broadband internet technologies. Our streaming platform equips pastors and leaders and enables them to broadcast their audio and video messages to millions of internet users around the world. In addition to providing top of the line streaming platforms, we fervently assist our clients in maximizing their return by providing the necessary knowledge and tools required for success.

There are thousands of ministries that record their church services and other programs with video equipment. Additionally, they make dvd’s to store valuable video footage and many times this important video footage is lost, never to be retrieved again.

By giving your video archives perpetual life, you create a support center that enables you to share the message of hope and life through Jesus Christ.The 24 hour accessibility of the internet places your ministry in an advantageous position; you are equipped to market materials, give your organization international exposure and extend partnership opportunities to a wide range of viewers.

Many ministries broadcast utilizing local television, cable and/or public access channels. Unfortunately, these channels severely limit a ministry’s growth potential. Our goal is to provide ministries with international broadcasting opportunities through the use of their own 24 hour Television Network. LifeStream TV will custom develop and efficiently manage your personal internet Television Network of archived videos and live events.

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